Monday, February 24, 2014

I Love My Choreographer ...

… she is so patient with me.  I am always amazed at dancers can learn steps so fast.  I get really confused and just when I think I have one part .. I will try to run through and some of it just makes me draw a total blank!

Still working on the Bronze Dramatic Program.  Today we got down to the nitty gritty of my upper body.  I wrote it all down and video captured it .. now I just have to get it into my muscle memory.
Is there a pill for that?


  1. I discovered this blog last night and I am thrilled! I can't wait to explore the archives. Like you, I am a former childhood/teen figure skater and I am so excited to be getting back on the ice next month. I'm curious, how were you first few times back on the ice? How long did it take before you felt comfortable and not like you were going to fall on your face? I'm sure that's what I will do! :-)

    1. Thanks for your comments Taryn. First few times were awkward and awesome.. There were things that came back quickly - stroking in my dominant direction (CCW), Waltz Jumps (hence the title of my blog!) Scratch spins, and spin entries. I had to work at 3 turns (still am) and relearn all my jumps. I had muscle memory for the entries of them all but not the mechanics of checking before picking or rotating. Some things are super stubborn… back spins, sit spins and my current nemesis the layback spin .. I may never regain the flexibility for that. I got on the ice in January 2012 and spent 3 months skating and dieting… lost 20lbs and tested pre-Bronze moves in the field and free skate by that spring time .. in July that year I took my Bronze moves in the field and just last Oct 2013 I took my Bronze Free skate. I have all my single jumps landed (good bad or indifferent except the axel of course) and enjoy skating but hate that I can't execute a lot of the footwork, edges etc … nor do I have the stamina to barely get through a program.. it's a struggle and will be the topic of my blog today if I ever finish getting a video posted. Good Luck.. hope to see you at one of the adult competitions in the future.



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