Friday, February 7, 2014

Ok, I'm Starting To Get Nervous….

I should have all 3 of my programs pretty much ready to go by now.  My coach keeps telling me not to worry… that they aim to have us "peak" in our training just prior to a competition … but seriously folks.. at my level … there is no such thing as PEAKING

Went to EWU today.  Nice warm rink to work out my frustrations.  I don't want to make excuses, but the thing that is holding me back are my aches and pains.  My jumps are really suffering from my R knee feeling like it's on it's last threads ….  (2 cartilage surgeries in the 1979 & 1980) and my back … which is really my SI joint with bone spurs … all work against me when it comes to skating properly.
After this season's competitions are over, I plan to pay a visit to the orthopedic surgeon to see if there is any hope for restoration.


  1. I hear ya! I'm starting PT on Monday, which is exactly the same thing that happened last year-- PT for the last month before Sectionals just to keep me on the ice.

    1. That's crazy, PT before competition. I just ordered some knee stabilization braces!

  2. I think going to the gym 3x a week - lots of stretching, steam baths, hot tubs !!

  3. That sounds good. I hope you can quell the aches and pains enough to enjoy your training-- though honestly I think this part of it, a few weeks before the competition, can be a bit of a grind. Hopefully by the time the competition is almost here you'll be able to look back and feel that through all your hard work you've been able to make a lot of progress. I'm going to be taking three days off in a row here soon and I think that will be good, but it's hard to do at this point when I feel there's so much I could work on before March. BTW my first PT appointment helped a lot! That does make me feel a lot better about training.



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