Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Major Meltdown!

Today I was really anxious about my freestyle lesson and I let it get the best of me.

I was really negative from the start of my lesson.  I didn't want to do the layback spin in my program because I don't think it looks good enough and it makes me dizzy as hell.  I tried it anyway and ran my program (not the video you see) and 2/3 of the way through I quit skating and got off the ice.

While my beloved coach tried to boost my skating ego and talk me out of the tizzy I was into, it just got worse and quickly turned into TEARS.  Can you imagine.  54 years old, crying like a baby because I "couldn't" or "didn't like" or "wish I were better" …. ridiculous.

I finally calmed down a bit and ran my program all the way through.  Fortunately my camera phone (for the first time) fell off the boards and hit the ice and shut down.  I only found out later that it was not recording my meltdown for my further embarrassment.  (I would have posted it!)

During my complete run, I forgot some of the steps, got tired two footed a jump, changed a loop to a salchow, but finished and it wasn't that bad.

Now that I am home I am evaluating my music.  I have 3 versions of Schindler's List that I have put onto the same run through.  They don't match up perfectly, but I think I am going to change it to version #2.

If I haven't lost you yet, and you get through the video - I would love to hear from anyone about which music choice you would think sounds/looks best.


PART II  of my day was a trip to the Orthopedic Specialist to see why my right knee is hurting (more than usual) and to get some advice on a non-surgical solution to my pain and problem.

I didn't hear much I didn't know already.  In 1980 and 1981 I had 2 (then.. ground breaking) arthroscopic procedures following a skating accident (damn Axel!)  to clean up torn meniscus and repair an ACL tear and on the 2nd surgery they did what they call a lateral release, which, as I understood it was to realign the patella (kneecap) and improve tracking.  All I know is that I recovered and have enjoyed 30+ years of walking, riding a bike, water and snow skiing and now figure skating again, notwithstanding some knee pain over  the years it's held up pretty good.  Lately my training has increased and so has the pain in my right knee (landing leg).

Now I don't expect anyone to have any interest in these sexy legs, but I find medicine fascinating and confusing.  Whenever I have something going on - I try to get as much information as I can to make good decisions.  I have a medical degree from GOOGLE !!

Long story .. longer:   Doc says I have osteoarthritis in the R knee and he can treat it with an injection called Synvisc.  A joint lubrication injection.  But before he can get that approved by insurance they have to first try a cortisone injection.  You should have seen my eyes pop out of my head when I heard the word NEEDLE twice in one conversation.  I agreed to the first injection and I'm sitting home tonight … wondering if was a good idea.  I will stay off it tomorrow and try to skate on Thursday again.  48 hours.  To quote Nancy Kerrigan ….. "Why Me?"

R Knee (on the left) shows the lack of cushion (meniscus) from previous surgeries + osteoarthritis

Same image position but my knees are bent into a small squat position + you can see my chubby thighs!

This side view shows an abnormality in the end of the femur bone (flat line should be curved)


  1. Ugh, that stinks about the right knee. I hope that the shots work quickly and give you some relief. For your music, I think that depends on what type of mood you are shooting for in your program. #1 is the most emotional of all the versions. It's gut-wrenching and tears at your heartstrings. Music #2 conveys more hope into the piece and has more major chords so it's happier. Music #3 is even more upbeat during the footwork sequence so I think it's the most animated version of all. Decide what emotion you want to showcase to the judges/audience and go with the music that fits that the best. Good luck deciding!

    1. Thanks Eva ... good points on the music. I already skated to #1 (piano) for my bronze free skate test. My coach likes it but thinks it plays very quiet. I have to write on the CD "please turn up the volume" - The thing with piano music is that iff you miss a crescendo it isn't as noticible! I love the intro on #2 - I just have to recut. As always thanks for your comments.

  2. This skating after fifty gets to be a complicated endeavor, doesn't it! I just finished my PT for Achilles and P-T tendonitis, fortunately it got better quite quickly, it was a much more tractable problem than my knees. My knees are actually holding up well right now, probably because I've had to reduce my training time due to the other problems. I hope the cortisone injection provides you with a lot of relief, and if not, that it's quickly followed by the Synvisc and that helps.

  3. You can say that again! I am beginning to accept that I am not young any more!


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