Tuesday, October 21, 2014

3 Fall Tuesday

Bought a new pair of Mondor shorts with padding in them.  I put them on this morning and was so disgusted with how my already oversized hips looked even more "out there" that I took them off.  I said to myself.. I won't be falling today.

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha...

First on my moves (which I spared you of sitting through) - had a blade click on the double three turns - BAM.

Second on my Flip jump, which is usually my strongest jump next to a Waltz Jump, BAM

Third on my Loop Loop combo (not seen) BAM.

Wish I had been wearing those ugly shorts!

Great session though.  3 of us regular ADULT FIGURE SKATERS plus a new girl and another new (younger adult .. 22) ... I wish we could encourage more of this at our rink.  It's quite motivating to be on the ice with kindred spirits and arthritis ~!


  1. I hooked the landing on a waltz jump the other day and some how landed slightly off my padded area. I think the shorts slipped. Got a bruise the size of the state of Montana on my right hip. Ya know, some days it just don't pay to get outta bed.

  2. Thanks for posting videos of the not so great days...for anyone who skates knows that skating is as much about the errors/falls as it is about the perfectly centered spin or perfect landing...some days are good ice days...some are bad...but the important thing is that you get back up and keep skating :)

    T-minus two days until my first skating test ever. Am actually looking forward to it. Have gotten sick of performing the Pre-Bronze MIF over and over again and am excited about starting Bronze MIF. I just hope this Sunday will be a good skate day for me :) So light me a candle ;p

    1. Good Luck Sunday ??? Really a Sunday ???. Pre Bronze is a cinch. Remember the judges want you to pass and they are absolutely the most leniant on this first test. None of that will keep you from being nervous, but rest assured... if you are sick of practicing something .. you are probably ready for the test!

  3. Yep. This Sunday at 8:19 AM EST!!! I will be testing with another adult (at the same time) performing Pre Bronze MIF as well. I almost didn't make it on the testing list until my coach spoke with the testing chair and informed them that only one judge is needed to test adults...test chair had to turn away 19 other skaters...so I better pass!

    Just got home from practice. Was not happy with my skating today. I didn't fall...but my mental game was off...right knee hurts...taking my own advice about good day/bad day. But come Sunday morning...I got this ;) Will let you know how I do...

  4. I had a rotten practice today myself. Our session was really crowded and I could not do a back outside eight all the way through to save my life I was almost in tears all by myself on the ice, so I just changed channels and I did my axel prep exercises and I felt pretty good about those I'll be thinking of you Sunday, don't worry you will do great

  5. I'm also working on my pre-bronze moves test and I can report that today's bad practice juju extended all the way to the east coast--I just got off the ice (2 hour public, not too busy) and it took the first hour for anything to work. V. frustrating! I'm getting to the point where I can stagger through the waltz 8. The circles aren't remotely the same size but at least I'm holding on to the turns and the edges and kinda returning to center. (hope I'm not moving my lips while I mentally count to 6...)

  6. George, I always counted to six... even during my test!!

  7. PASSED!!! :) And in the spirit of Pre Bronze MIF...And in keeping with the "fall" theme...I fell on a T-stop ;p Yep. Right after the 1st set of cross strokes. I thought I had failed the test...but got right back up quickly...and continued and tested really well. Have a HUGE bruise on my right palm and left elbow, but I don't care. I did it. I was nervous and it showed in the some of the judges critiques but there was more good comments than bad...

    I was so mortified by falling, but since stops are not judged, it was no reflection on the test. My coach just said "well, you got that out of the way now..." I thought for sure I had blew it because I didn't know that. I thought it was if you're down, you're out. But she said it didn't matter because the move was completed. Another coach told me I could have moonwalked...or break-danced etc...and it wouldn't have mattered.

    Still...it is an ego killer...but all the other skaters testing had stories about falling on a t-stop during testing and knew exactly how I felt.

    Am really excited to start seriously working on perfecting my Pre Bronze FS. And Bronze MIF. Just told my coach that for the Bronze MIF, I will do my best to stay away from the t-stop...lol Why couldn't those moves just end with a back inside edge loop? ;p

    1. congrats........i knew you would pass. i didnt fall on my pre bronze mif, but i did slip while moving from one move to the next and nearly fell. i know how you felt. again.. congrats... time for bronze mif!


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