Monday, October 27, 2014

Off and On Ice Practice & A Lesson

I wasn't planning on much more than working on Moves In The Field today, but here's how it played out:

I got to the rink and decided to do a little off ice warm up.  I often wonder if I am the only one (adult) who struggles trying to do off ice jumps. I really fear torquing my knee and twisting my ankle.  Which I did today.. on a Loop Jump.

On ice I worked on my Gold Moves.  I was able to get in 2 sets of each of the Power Crossovers in both directions and both frontwards and backwards. Without someone filming you - the video is not good from the rail, so I didn't capture that.

I worked on my Backward Outside Eight many times both before and during my lesson.  My coach could see during my lesson that I need to raise my hip on my free leg and that should help my trouble spots on this move.

During practice I got frustrated .. again.. and moved onto free style before my lesson and I was really happy with my Waltz Loop Loop progress.

Thursday.. the plan is to put me in the harness for my first Axel - in harness - lesson.  We probably won't be attempting the whole jump, just trying to initiate more rotation.. we'll see, I hope to capture it.


  1. Looking good! Esp that last flying camel attempt. Waltz-loop-loop looks nice too! Love that your coach kept her hot tea in her hand while showing you the And no, you are not the only adult that practices off ice jumps. I practice them off ice as well, and have the same fear about wrenching my knee when doing them too-esp on a hard surfaces. Another off ice practice I do, esp now, is practicing centering my spin/body box positioning in my socks on the linoleum kitchen floor...on the sweet spot of my foot. Yes its funny looking...and no I will not video myself doing it. ;p

    Axel prep looking good too and it will be no time before you get it. :) Having my first fully dedicated FS practice today and I'm psyched! Lets see if all that kitchen sock spinning has payed

  2. Spinning on socks is pretty dangerous. I have a spinner that I do not use .. too dangerous. As you can see from my fall on dry land doing a Loop .. they hurt. I always come up smiling, but ouch.

  3. Yeah it can be dangerous, but I don't go too crazy. Just to get the feel of pulling arms/leg in while keeping straight posture. Speaking of falls...practiced EVIL toe loop today. Started working on it at the boards...and landed a little too far back and instant gravity... Smashed back down on the massive purple palm test bruise of courage. OUCH. Practiced it off the wall afterwards and managed to do several which made the pain hurt less ;)

  4. Sorry about the fall. My goal this week is to learn a Toe Loop from a Mohawk. My usual entry is from an inside three.

  5. I enjoyed the musical accompaniment of this video. I thought it enhanced the story well :) I'm struggling my way through the back circle 8 as well. I've found it really helps to tuck my toe to heel and keep my free knee turned in on the back half of each circle. Good luck on your upcoming axel lesson!

    1. Thanks Heather! That music worked out pretty good... one of my favorite musicals.

  6. I have a suggestion regarding the outside/inside 8: keep that back arm up. Back in the stone-age when I did figures, I found it easier to move my foot, then turn my head and last move my arms. But that was me. Have you tried moving your arms first and then your leg and then your head? That might help.

    The loop/loop and waltz/loop are most impressive. Your axel is on its way!!

    And as someone who was associated with the original Broadway production of Ragtime (for those who don't know, that's the music playing in the background of the video), it was cool to hear it again after all these years. Thanks.

  7. I have been thinking the same thing. Thank you.. if I lift my back arm up, maybe my hip will get up too.. coach says that is my main problem. Thanks for encouragement on the Axel.. we'll see what lies ahead on Thursday (hopefully not traction!)

    .. and as Jean Valjean would say "say what you must .. don't leave it there" ..... I loved Ragtime. Saw it twice on tour and could not understand why it didn't have a longer run ... incredible book with timeless apropos innuendo all throughout, incredible music performed by Brian and Audra .. Maybe you have the insight to finally answer the question that I have pondered for years... and how were you involved?? Do tell!


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