Thursday, October 16, 2014

Public + FS Session and Lesson

I double dipped today.  Public was great.  3 Adults.. all "skaters". Beautiful quiet, clean ice.
Then I had to unlace, take a break for lunch and come back for Freestyle session - only I was so tired I could only do moves.  Had my first couple of hard falls today on brackets!

Also took my pattern and material to a seamstress for my 2015 or 2016 LE program.  I am NOT committing yet to passing my Silver and making it to Nationals - not sure I have it in me... but the programs and dresses and costumes are in progress... so we'll se.


  1. Hi Diane, I'm a fellow adult skater and occasional lurker of your blog, and just wanted to say your skating looks beautiful! I wish I could have such a camel spin, let alone a combination spin. The speed, flow, and height on your waltz-loop also!

  2. Thank you for the kind words... It's all relative .. Just like money matter how much you have you always want more!!

  3. d3o padding. The best. Ballistic quality. I never skate without my d3o REI snowboard shorts. Knee pads from SeKu and APS, wrist guards from snowboard secrets (except when in dance hold--too awkward). I'm like the Michelin Man...

  4. Both Seku skate wear and REI offer shorts with d3o padding. Seku's version is a bit spendy @ >$200 but is perhaps sleeker than the snow board shorts offered by REI for around $60 (depending on time of year--tend to be cheaper at the end of the season when REI is clearing out winter sports stuff) I wear loose fitting warm up pants over the shorts (bought at the vaguely athletic dept. of my local sporting goods store) and the padded shorts are invisible. At my age I've decided that function over style is the way to go. Takes too long to mend injured body parts...

    1. Thanks for the tips. My friend sells those padded shorts you mention on .. Not the REI version!!


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