Tuesday, October 7, 2014

I Love My New iPhone6...but

It recorded my entire skating session today including my choreographers lesson.  It's going to take longer to edit my videos now, but no more "oh darn, the camera stopped before I did this great __________ (fill in the blank)!

So it has taken me 2 days just to sift through my video of Oct 7th practice and lesson to come up with this excerpt of just my practice.  My choreography lesson was on a FS session and from where the camera was sitting and where I was skating and the repetition of it all .. I decided not to post it.  Much of it is me at the wall with my coach trying over and over how to put 3 steps together and me attempting them over and over and getting confused!  I wish I could learn them faster!

Turned out it was a hard day of practice.  I have been actually sore since that day.  I must have over exerted myself.  Boo hoo.

My iMovie is doing that weird pixelating thing again in this video... working on the solution.

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