Thursday, October 30, 2014

Poppurri Skating

Today I had a fresh nearly private sheet of clean ice but no legs or stamina.  I did my best and got some practice in but it was a disappointment in my book.

I did make some Backward Circle 8 progress thanks to tips from my viewers... THANK YOU.  Keeping my back arm up higher helped a lot. (no video)

But if you want to see a really great fall... my video is at the bottom of the page!

Here's a few stills of the week

These pictures were from Monday ...
See if you can guess what I was working on from the pink tracing my coach laid out for me.  I must have done something right because my skate picked up the pink dye!

Special Congrats to my friend Penny who underwent TKR (total knee replacement) in August and
got back on the ice this week.  (wonder how many Advil that took?)


  1. Bo is adorable! Too bad we don't have a rink dog! Have you tried the waltz-loop-loop exercise for your axel prep? It forces you to land with the leg in front and pull in tightly for the rotation. What about waltz-backspin? Have fun in the harness today!

  2. Do you mean 2 actual loop jumps after a waltz? I did one yesterday. I would love to do a waltz jump-backspin but I can't find the right feeling to get that snap-into position yet (without falling). Frankly I don't think I am ready, even for a harness, but in theory I can't really get hurt on the harness. The thing that is going to hold me back on this technically is that I have open hips on almost everything I do and I have to fight to close them on all my jumps and spins ..

    1. Yes - try two loops after the waltz jump. A waltz-loop is fine, but that second loop will really force your core to tighten. If you do it right, your free leg will have to stay in front to take off on those loops correctly. This exercise should help train your body to get in the right position for the axel. Other exercises that helped me were bell jumps, inside axels and backspins with a jump (loop) exit.



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