Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Coffee Club

Went to public session today to skate with my friends Heather and Hank.  Heather is an Adult Bronze skater and Hank is Adult Silver.  You will see them in the background of my videos from time to time.  I went wine tasting yesterday and followed up with dinner and more wine with friends.. .gee I wonder why I had no energy today?

Knowing I have a lesson on Thursday on the harness I know I need to keep moving each day.. so I did what I could, but it felt awful.  I was really fatigued and it shows.


  1. Very nice to have such talented fellow adult skaters to skate with! There are some other adults at my rink, but in no way would they be attempting jumps or spins...sometimes I feel like the odd man out...but they do encourage me to keep going...

    My coach taught me a trick to keep my elbows in for spin jumps...she said when you go to enter the spin, bring both of your hands together (palm to palm...like a "prayer" position) so that your elbows come together and touch in front of your chest. I don't know if that will help with the arms on the Axel, because of the momentum needed, but you never know. Its has helped me on my salchow jump because I was elbow city.

    Also, for the salchow, she said my free leg was too open in the rotation, and when I went to spin, to make sure the momentum for the free leg was closer to my thigh...almost squeeze the free leg thigh into the spin leg thigh when coming around. It has made my salchow a lot tighter in its rotation...might help for the Axel too...but like I said...you are eons ahead of me and may not work for you since you can actually leave Earth's gravity...and I can not yet :(

    Just keep at it cause you can do it! :)

  2. Thanks! I hope they help :)

    Had a really good lesson yesterday. My coach and I went through all the Bronze moves, and I can pretty much perform all of them...except my nemesis (my coach's words) the evil 5 step mohawk. To me right now, that is my Axel...but I will master it, just as you will the Axel...will just take some time...and hard work...

    We also finally decided on music. Will email it to you to see what you think. :)

    Hope you have a great practice today!

  3. By the way, I really like the music you use in your videos (this one and the pairs video that follows). Only Gipsy Kings can do this song without making it sound really schmaltzy.


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