Saturday, November 1, 2014

No Weekends Off For Me!

I did skip Friday so I thought I better find some ice today.  Went to a nearby rink for their freestyle session.  It's always a real mixed bag of skaters there.  They had 4 coaches giving lessons and the club is new so the skaters are going every which way - some still in rental skates.

Nevertheless, I had an ok session.  This is the rink I usually have a blade-click incident or take a header doing a spin.  The ice was really bad today - but I just did my best to skate through it.  It was really bumpy like they didn't lay a fresh sheet of ice and only scraped.  I don't know anything about how to Zamboni.

I did not feel like I had a good session while I was there, but the video shows I worked hard!  I was only on the ice for 45 minutes total.

Thank you Lake City Figure Skating Club for letting me skate.

And.... oh yea -  I bought a SCRIBE today on Ebay.  So excited I will be able to make a real circle to practice my Backwards Circle Eights with.  I am also thinking about getting into the old school compulsory figures. They still have a rule book for them and judges who can test them... just not at my rink.  I will have to investigate.  They are really good for all aspects of  your skating.

Click that link if you want to read (a lot) about figures.

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  1. Smart! I never got a scribe for working on the circle 8's but I sure thought about it, I'm sure it would have helped!


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