Thursday, November 13, 2014

Lesson Canceled - Bad FS Session - Ugly Fall

... Today made up for all the fun I had yesterday.  Coach texted me after I had my skates on that she couldn't make it today.  I decide to be a brave soul and skate on a FS anyway.. what could go wrong?

You will soon see.  Bad take off edge from a Loop Jump.  Nothing looked good today, nothing worked.  The only thing I got out of it was that I exercised a little and I have a bruised elbow, knee and wrist as a result.



  1. OUCH. Sorry about the fall Diane. I hope you didn't injure yourself too badly...

    I've also not been able to skate since Tues. I've been really sick :( Worried that all the progress I've made with go right out the window...because like you said, its not easy. Esp when you take time off.

    I hope your next skating session goes better, but hey, you got to do pairs skating so take the good with the bad! :)

  2. I whacked my right elbow about a month ago during a fall and since then have been sporting a huge lump, bursa, whatever. Once again I'm looking for more d3o padding but nobody seems to make elbow sleeves with d3o. Hope your elbow feels better soon.


Run Day - Lessons

Not much to say. Lessons didn’t accomplish much today. I was exhausted and low energy. I need more ice time.  Ran it all today.