Thursday, June 25, 2015

A Day of Firsts

I hate to post when I don't have any video to back up my comments, but today was one of those days -

In my quest to skate better, improve my skills, improve my stamina and lose weight I signed up to take weekly ice dance group classes with our resident ice dance coach Kendell LeClaire.

The class was great.  She taught us Swing Rolls and Progressives (although for the sake of a beginning class she just referred to them as crossovers)  and the pattern of the Dutch Waltz
which I already knew the basics, but had never been taught the count.

Unfortunately we held this class during a freestyle session with 24 skaters.  It was chaos to say the least.  I honestly don't know how these kids become great skaters with the ice so crowded.  I spend 1/2 my session just skating around in circles looking for a "hole" to execute a jump or spin.  Unless I am in a lesson I usually don't attend the freestyle sessions.

Following the dance class I took a summer skating school "Power Stroking Class".  We have Hi-Power and Lo-Power intended for different skill levels and age/size seems to be a factor too.  One little girl in Lo-Power could do an Axel ... but most were all still on their single jumps.  This 30 minute class totally kicked my butt.  Stroking, pumping, load changes, push ups, crunchies, wall squats, explosive jumps at the end of the rink and racing to the other end to do it again... stamina builders, lunges.  It was more than enough for me to be in the Lo-Power Class.

Alas.. I had my camera but forgot to put it on the rail before the class started.  Next week I will remember.

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