Thursday, June 4, 2015

Ice Show Practice

This is week 5 of working on this adult number for our upcoming ice show in 2 weeks.
The problem is .. we only practice it 1x per week.  I don't know how often the rest of the
skaters practice, but I don't see them at the sessions I go to.  Everyone is busy - so we are
doing pretty good considering we have really only had about 5 practices all together.

Skating under spotlight is going to be completely new for me.  I had the chance to attend National Showcase last year because of my placement at Adult Nationals in my Dramatic and Light Entertainment events, but I was too "chicken" to attend - oh well.

So today I got a short warm up done and then popped off all my jumps once before we got into the rehearsal.  I only taped the last run of the number - for sanity sake!

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