Saturday, June 27, 2015

Saturday Practice...

You know I am serious when I get up on a Saturday morning to go skate.  Forget that it's over 100° outside.  We are having a hottest June on record in the Spokane area.  Tomorrow it's supposed to break today's record.

I worked on my program components today as well as trying a few run throughs.  The ice was crowded during those so I didn't put them in my video.  Trust me .. even I am getting sick of my program music.  That is a problem.  When you choose new music.. at first you love it.  Then you have parts that are hard and exhausting and you hate it.   I rarely skate to my music on public sessions they play Sirius "the Blend" and I just dub over when I get home.

Anyway.  Today was a good practice.  I did all my jumps and really worked on the camel spin.

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