Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Day 3 of Pairs Practice

I had a chance to get in 1 of my recommended 3 runs per day of my upcoming test program.  It wasn't clean but I am finding ways during the program to conserve energy through breathing.... and stronger edges vs harding pushing during transitions.

When Hank got to the rink we worked on stroking, crossover and some jumps and spins.  Today it seems we spent more time talking than skating.  It requires so much coordination to figure out .. not only what jump or spin we will do, but exactly step-for-step how we enter each one - We both have different techniques for spin entries for example - and some of our jump preparations too.  But as always .. I had a blast and really enjoy the process.  It makes me work harder because I don't want to let him down.  I know my knees are feeling it.

First my program run

Then our pairs practice

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