Friday, January 20, 2012

Hard To Get Motivated Today

Where I live we got about 9 inches of fresh snow yesterday. This morning I woke up and found my neighbor shoveling the sidewalk. I peeked out the door to thank him and he told me that he noticed that all of the cars on our street had their gas tank doors open and it appeared as though a burgler came by in the middle of the night trying to siphon gasoline out of the vehicles. The nerve. Fortunately our brand new truck has an anti siphon filler. Like Dick Tracy I took a picture of a footprints of the thief.

After all the excitement was over I decided I better hit the ice today.  My lesson next week is on Monday and I didn't want to let the weekend go by without practicing between lessons.

The rink was more crowded today with a family of 6 and a few others.  Maybe their school was closed today because of the snow we got last night or maybe they are home-schooled.  It didn't matter too much.  At my level of skating I don't need that much empty space to practice on.

I did realize that I have neglected practicing stopping.  I need to work on all of them: two footed snow plows, one footed snow plows, right and left t stops, two footed and one footed hockey stops.  All of these come in handy when the rink is crowded!

Today I mostly concentrated on practicing the elements of the Adult Pre Bronze MIF (moves in the field) Test.  Today was better than yesterday and the day before that.

My coach says I already have "passing" ability for this test, but I have no idea how my nerves will come into play.  Part of me wants to jump ahead and start practicing the moves for the Adult Bronze MIF.  It will depend on when the test date is and how much practice I can get in to prepare.

At the end of practice today I was feeling pretty good and decided to do some extra work on my three-turns, some power stroking, a few back-to-front three-turns (scary) and even some little jumps.

My knee seems to putting up with everything so far, but I have been cautious and gentle.  Trying even small jumps puts a lot of force on them.  Currently I weigh in at 144 pounds.  I know I should be ashamed to say so, but I am dieting and exercising and I am down from 152 on New Years Day.  Now I am no mathematician, but I know that the laws of physics apply when I consider jumping up, even small heights and coming back down on one foot.

Well, "Blogger 101" says keep it short or people will lose interest.  "Journalism 101" says read the 1st and last paragraph, you will read all you need to know.  The rest is drivel!
So I ended my week and my day of practice with a few nicely executed Waltz jumps and even a few Half Flips and some Loop jump walk throughs.  Muscle memory is an amazing thing.

Have a nice weekend!

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