Tuesday, January 31, 2012

5 Step Mowhawk Decoded

Lesson Today - We skipped practicing the Pre Bronze Moves In The Field today.  I think I pretty much have them down to a passable level.  There is definitely room for improvement, but we didn't waste time going over it.  My lesson is on 15 minutes and it goes by so fast.  I always hate when it's over.  30 minutes would double my budget and probably wreck me.  For right now I am getting plenty to practice all week from my 15 minutes.

Today we reviewed the Bronze MIF.   I linked diagrams of the patterns.

1. Forward and backward perimeter power stroking   I need to work on the backward side.  After the crossover I don't always get a good inside edge.  I think that inside edges vs outside edges are harder for most people to learn and master. 

2. Forward power three-turns I thought I had this pattern too shallow, but my coach says I was doing them ok. Again, lots of room for improvement especially on the right leg 3 turn pattern on the 2nd length of the ice.

3. Alternating backward crossovers to backward outside edges This is the pattern that cannot be "shallow".  This type of pattern is how I learned to warm up back in the old days, so it's not difficult, but I never learned to make 4-5 "lobes" and hold the edge that long.  I need to work on getting more extension, deeper edges creating 4-5 equal sized lobes.  

4 Forward circle eight This was the easiest of them all.  It felt like PATCH figures, except that the second tracing repeats the 2nd circle on the same side but on the inside edge.  

5. Five-step mohawk sequence Last, but not least I was taught this new pattern.  I had tried all week to jump ahead and figure this out and for some reason I had a mental block and couldn't put it together until it was demonstrated in front of me. Video Link of USFSA example  Even then, this one leaves me scratching my head.  It resembles a dance pattern with a SLIP step (step 5 of 5)  

I have much to work on this week and only 2 days left to skate.  Next week we will be heading to Chicago to visit family.  I plan on taking my skates and hopefully I will get 1-2 days of practice in there.  I hear they have outdoor rinks in the parks!

And that's it for my 1st month back on the ice!  I'm pretty happy with my progress.  I just wish my body wasn't so sore.

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