Thursday, January 19, 2012

Practicing Moves-In-The-Field

Meanwhile ..... back on the ice;   I started skating regularly on January 2, 2012.  I have been skating on public sessions 3-4 times per week thus far.  My coach Berkley Villard has been helping me get back to basics.   I am starting from the very beginning learning and relearning fundamental elements so that I can prepare for my Adult Pre-Bronze MIF (Moves in the Field) test in March.

Today I captured some of these elements on my first video of myself skating.

TR 25.09 Adult Pre-Bronze Moves in the Field Test
The purpose of this test is to encourage beginning adult skaters to learn the fundamentals of ice skating. No great deal of technical ability, carriage or flow is expected. Candidates must show knowledge of the steps, fairly good edges and some evidence of good form.
1. Forward perimeter stroking
2. Basic consecutive edges
3. Forward and backward crossovers

4. Waltz eight
5. Forward right and left foot spirals

The entire test will be marked on a “pass” or “retry” basis only, and individual marks will not be awarded. The “pass” or “retry” will be arrived at by consideration of the composite of each element in relation to the whole. The judge-in-charge may request a reskate of only one element, upon request of a member of the panel, should it change the overall evaluation of the test from “retry” to “pass.” (Approximate time for test: 10 minutes)
Judging panel required: One or three bronze or higher rank singles/pairs or dance judges who are certified to judge moves in the field tests. 

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