On The Edge... Again

The last time I skated regularly, you needed 2 pair of skates, a scribe and skated patch. Triple jumps were almost unheard of, so were Bielman spins. Twizzles were only done by ice dancers and Ronald Regan was just elected into office.

Fast Forward 32 years. Starting January 2, 2012, I am back on the ice doing something else that was unheard of .... Adult Figure Skating. We had "coffee club", which was like adult swim, but there was no opportunity for testing or competition.

Update 2021. It has now been 9 years since I began adult skating. I have not competed since 2016 , but my blog is still going. My YouTube channel has over 1.76k subscribers. That’s just crazy!

Thursday, October 17, 2013

A Little Bit of Everything

Today I had a lesson.  The plan was to not exhaust myself during practice and save my energy to have a full out run through of my test program.  It didn't really work out that way.

I started my practice by a few laps of stroking, as usual, then decided to execute all the Adult Silver Moves in the Field.  I haven't done them in a while, so they are pretty rusty.  That is video #1 below.


After that I worked on a myriad of things including Lunges, Straight Line Spirals, the Back Spin and Sit Spin and all of my jumps including a Flip Jump .. and I even tried a full rotation of a Lutz Jump.. although it may be a Flutz.  (That's what figure skaters call a flubbed Lutz Jump off the wrong edge.)  Whatever it was, this was a major accomplishment for me.  With the exception of the Axel, the Lutz is the hardest single jump for most people.

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