Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Double Three Tuesday

I skated 2 runs of my program back to back today.  I didn't think I would do it.  My plan was to just work on little things.  Footwork, arms, bows, etc.

Yesterday I lifted a bunch of heavy shelving (360 lbs total) broken into small loads to my basement garage.  I thought it might do my legs some good to put some weight in my arms and walk downhill in steel toed shoes on uneven surfaces in the dirt and hike back up 20 times until it was all done.  OUCH .. I was kind of sore.... all over.

I started out slow, but decided to buck up and run the thing a few times.  Afterwards it was mostly a social fest.   I was trying to learn how to do double three turns (Adult Gold Moves have them) and Twizzles .. they are like spinning, but in a moving straight line.  Years ago only ice dancers did them.  Now they are a part of freestyle skating.


  1. Best wishes on your test! I have followed your blog since it started and had the honor of meeting you at Adult Nationals. Love your dress - love your skating - you're going to be wonderful!

  2. Thanks. We met? Who are you Anonymous?

  3. I was a fellow Pre-Bronze skater and cancer survivor who was unable to work on passing the Bronze test because of an injury. I sat behind you while we watched Bronze ladies FS.

    1. Are you going to remain "anonymous" or would you like to share your name?

  4. Hoping your test is going/went beautifully! Sending you all my good, passing vibes.

  5. Thanks MommyTime .. I received them and they got me through!


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