Friday, October 11, 2013

Friday's Ice Time

I skated today for about 30 minutes before it felt like I pulled something and decided to get off the ice.  I didn't stretch at the wall and started doing loop jumps and pulled a groin muscle in my right upper leg.  I have done that before and really injured myself for weeks, so I just got off the ice and plan to lay low all weekend.

I find, for me, that too much ice time does not pay off.  4-5 days per week is my max before I get really exhausted and start injuring myself.

Yesterday someone commented to me on my Youtube channel that I was very graceful, but skating rather slow - that was his critique.  I totally agree, but not sure how to attain more strength to skate faster and hold my edges and land my little jumps.  Probably just need to get into the gym with regularity and determination to push my cardio to it's limit.

Back Monday.

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  1. I think speed is part strength and part technique. One exercise you can do to work on your speed is slaloms, where you really focus on pushing with the inside edge on each side. Think about the part of the blade that you are using to push during the exercise and then try to transfer that to your stroking and crossovers.

    Another good one is to go across the rink first using only four strokes starting from a standstill. Then use only two strokes and then try to get across the ice on one stroke. Not only does this help you develop a strong push, but it also helps you find the best balance point to get a long glide out of that push.

    Keep pushing and good luck!


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