Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Nine Days !!!!!!!

I couldn't resist this video clip from Defending Your Life ... that's how I feel right now!

Yes - I need more Sake .....

Nine days till my test.  Had a short but decent practice today.  Lesson tomorrow which I hope to capture on video if it's not too crowded.  Maybe I will wear my dress again.

Learned something today about Prince.  No can do on YouTube .. I tried to upload my video today with some improvisation to Purple Rain which I was planning to use for my Dramatic Skate at AN's, but he apparently blocks iTunes and YouTube from using his name or music.  Guess I will just find another piece of music or not record any of my practices.  I also downloaded a karaoke and an Etta James version in my quest for the right skating version.. looks like I wasted my time and my money.

My revised video is still publishing.  I will add it in the morning.. Meanwhile..any suggestions on music for purple dress?

Before anyone comments on the shoot the duck ... I now know what a hydro blade is !!

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