Monday, October 21, 2013

Last 4 Days of Practice Start Now..

After a non productive - high calorie weekend of Hockey and NFL I hit the ice today ready to work hard.

I had the ice to myself for a little while, then a few little ones with their mother/coach and then my friend Cary came on his lunch hour.  We chatted about skating and I got sidetracked from my practice doing things that aren't even in my program - Camel Spins, Back Sit Spins, Change Foot Sit Spins ...

Hey, skating is skating and it all helps.  Working on something else is my way of rebelling before my test!


  1. LOL, your warm up on steroids was da bomb! You are such a beautiful skater and your elements are very strong. You only need 3 revs for the backspin to pass, you are averaging 7! And its on a proper outside edge, yay! You are being too hard on yourself. As for the loop, just be sure to do a couple in your warm up, then the judges will have seen that you can do them even if you do fall during the test. You are still allowed to redo 2 elements if the judges want to see them = saving grace. As for exceeding the time limit, for testing its a non-issue, just competition. Remember, no one knows what your program is supposed to be except you and your coach.

  2. You are da bomb Heather ... thanks for the votes of confidence. I feel good that it will pass, but nothing will make the nerves go away!

  3. Good luck on your adult bronze freestyle test!


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