Tuesday, January 7, 2014

2 Lessons Today

What was I thinking?  I skated my normal lesson time today 11:00 am.  Just before the public session.  We had a good MIF lesson and it's all on video … at the end I ran my program 1 time and tried to put the Lutz in there.  You be the judge … Lutz or Flutz?

Most of the MIF lesson is uncut .. so it's a BORE …  except to the skater.

We slapped new music on my program.  You can hear it early on in the MIF practice.  But it got a little more drama in it.

After public skating I took a break and left the rink.  Came back, had lunch at the rink (1st time ever) and then had my lesson with the choreographer for my Lite Entertainment program.  I did not capture this because we were on a FS session an the camera would have never survived.   Seriously, it's a wonder these kids can progress with so many skaters on the ice.  1/2 the jump or spin attempts you do are thwarted because you need to stop and get out of someones way.


  1. Wow, I LOVE your program, the music is so beautiful too, what is it?

  2. Hi Diane! The USFSA rulebook states that the 8-step mohawk must start on the left (counter clockwise) circle. Just wanted to point that out in case you were planning on testing soon. I want to make sure you get full credit for this move!

  3. Here is what my book says .. coach too

    Eight-Step Mohawk Sequence
    The skater will perform two eight-step mohawk sequences counterclockwise. The step order is: Forward crossover into a LFO mohawk, followed by LBI, RBO, LBI cross forward and RFI. The skater should maintain a march cadence (one beat per step). Between the circles is a two-beat left foot transition. The sequence is then repeated twice in the opposite direction. Introductory steps are optional. This move may start in either direction.

    Focus: Quickness, continuous flow and strength

  4. Been about five years since I skated, plantar fasciitis left me unable to walk comfortably, much less skate. Also my Dad was in his last year of life, so the stress level was intense. Anyway, your skating reminds me of all the things I was working on when it all fell apart and is quite inspirational. I started at 45, crashed at 60. I can't imagine having the ice to oneself … usually 6 -10 adults and 8 - 12 teens. All the best … I may look in now and then to see if I can psych myself up!

    1. Thanks for your comments … I know I am so lucky to have great ice .. cold as my rink is. Once in a while I go to club ice to accommodate a lesson or needed extra practice and it's 12-18 young skaters going every which way … if you stop and it's not on a wall… you will get hit or yelled at !!


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