Tuesday, January 14, 2014

All Lessons and No Practice ..

I'm in a pickle.  I need the lessons to get ready for competitions, but I need practice time to work on what I learn in my lessons.  My primary skating coach is working with me on turning my "test" quality program into a "competition" quality program.  She wants me to change two spins and add a few jumps and jump combinations for maximum scoring potential.  I cannot argue.  I would like to up my game, but at the same time I do not want to be so unconfident of all the new elements that I cannot skate a clean program and enjoy these two big competitions.

I spent the evening watching Eat, Love, Pray … a mega "chick flick" about overcoming self imposed obstacles, finding oneself and taking a chance on something really worthwhile.  Somehow I walked away from the movie a little inspired to try to EAT up all the instruction I can for the next 2 months, try to LOVE going to practice each day and remember why I am doing this … I love skating… and PRAY to the figure skating guru and my angel of healthy bones and joints … that I can get through it with a smile on my face and no regrets.

Maybe tomorrow I will watch Scarface and think differently!

Lesson today with Berkley.  Used the phone for listening to my program music so I didn't video our lesson - blocking the changes in my program.  After the lesson I did a quick run through of what I could remember on camera.

Taking the rest of the week off from lessons … for some much needed meditation on ice ….


  1. Good luck on your programs! I understand the lesson/practice dilemma all too well. Are you going to Pacific Coast Adult Sectionals as well as Adult Nationals?

  2. Thanks. Yes that is the plan. I have a feeling that sectionals will be more intimidating than nationals!

    1. PCAS is a lot of fun and everyone is so nice - I hope to be there, too (Pre-Bronze, though). We met at Adult Nationals, so I will look for you and cheer you on! I sat behind you in the stands - Melissa.

  3. Oh good. I hope so … look forward to seeing you there!


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