Friday, January 17, 2014

TGIF Practice ...

Friday is usually the end of my skating week.  There aren't too many choices of ice over the weekend that don't have a lot of people on them.  Getting ready for competition means bucking up and skating whenever and wherever you can.  I took Thursday off this week and it seemed to help me gather my energy and motivation a little.

Today I skated at EWU.  I used to hate this rink due to it's size and light .. (it's really bright white) - the ice is a bit softer and I never really enjoyed skating there.  Recently I have formed a new opinion …
I love NOT being cold.  I have no idea yet what awaits me in Ontario California or Hyannis Massachusetts, but a little extra practice on unfamiliar ice can only help.

Before I fired up the camera I warmed up on the ice doing all my Silver moves in the field - I am still struggling with the 3 turns BO to FI and BI to FO.

Footage today is a bit long.  I ran through all my jumps and then worked on 2 of my 3 programs.


  1. Love the Schindler's list music. I've never seen ice arena staff patch divots with a pail of water and a puck! What the camera captures. Best of luck at competition.

  2. Seriously… That was a first for me too. Thank you for your comment.


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