Thursday, January 2, 2014

Practice and Lesson on CLUB ICE !!

My first skate of 2014 was on club ice at 8:45 am!!  I am usually on my first cup of coffee at that hour. Hmm maybe a good New Years resolution?

My coach is so cute, she gathered 4-5 young skaters who simultaneously called my name out …. and I skated over and they all gave me a group hug.  she knows how much I hate skating on Free Style sessions.

I loved them as a child because I felt special just being there on the ice with other kids working hard on the same things and I loved watching the better skaters for motivation.  It is actually a controlled chaos.  There is ettiquette involved in skating on club ice.  Everyone skates in every direction, but everyone should be looking out for others before launching into a jump or spin.

I tend to jump where ever it feels right to me.  My coach advised me to start jumping in a more consistent manner.  If I try a jump and want a do-over .. I usually just pop off another without much preparation.  99% of the time the second jump won't be better .. or even as good as the first.  She says using more ice to prepare for each jump will help build my stamina and basically give everyone a heads up that I am going to execute a jump somewhere and they will, in turn clear out of the way.  Surprisingly they did, most of the time.  There are always the little tiny ones who don't see you coming.. hence the need for peripheral vision.

Coach wants me doing my Toe Loops and Flips down the long axis of the ice, doing my Loops on the short axis of the ice and doing Lutzes  in the "Lutz Corners" on the diagonal axis.  Not sure what she told me about Waltz Jumps or Axels … (not that I am doing Axels) The Lutz corner is always the right corner as you face the end of the rink….. exception??????  Of course.  Watch out for the skaters who jump and spin clockwise … the 5% or so who skate the other way.  If ever you need peripheal vision, it's on a freestyle session.

Video #1  High Speed Fun

Video #2 My practice and lesson broken into segments

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  1. As one of the 5% who are clockwise skaters, thank you for noticing that we're out there. It gets frustrating to step into a jump only to have someone cut you off. You're skating is wonderful. Can't wait to see more.


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