Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Lesson Learned ….

….  Skiing + Margaritas  = Splat

Had a blast skiing yesterday, but got a little loose and found myself flying down a steep run on my chest with my ski blades behind me.  It felt like slow motion death … but I didn't really get hurt!
Just twisted my non-landing knee a little.  At my age there is always some cartilage fragment floating around .. so  I just took some Advil today and tried to skate through it.

As for my skating today……

Had a lesson and worked on some footwork I was having trouble getting with my choreographer.  After the lesson, I worked on my Layback Spin.  It's awful right now … not even a good Attitude Spin yet … I need to do some barre work to get this one down and then on the ice .. I need to push my hips forward more and arch back more - while holding my leg behind me. …. More Advil please.


  1. Hi Diane! What really helped my layback (let's be clear, it's not really there yet) is thinking about jetting my hip out like Steve Urkel from "Family Matters." I also have a really bad lean. I'm a clockwise spinner, and my left side drops pretty significantly. To combat that, I do my layback with my left elbow pointing towards the ceiling and with my right arm dropped to the side. That prevents my left side from falling over. Maybe you can try something similar?

  2. I just heard that exact thing yesterday from Bobbe Shire via iCoachSkating.com. My coach says the samething, but she doesn't refer to Steve Urkel. I never heard of him or saw Family Matters show, but I get the picture from her description. I do try to push my hips out there, but like so many things in skating, you have to get it right just once so you get the feel ... and then the progress really starts happening. My Camel spin is getting a lot more consistant now .. althought I would like double the amount of revolutions! Thanks for your comments!

  3. I'm working on my program too! Not signed up yet for Sectionals but I think I will. I love your camel/sit, wish I could do one!

  4. Sign up for Sectionals.. the more the merrier! Thanks for your comment!


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