Tuesday, March 6, 2012

1000 Page Views !!!!

Wow I never thought anyone would read this.  Today my skating blog hit 1000 page views!  (And my own personal views don't count)

My goal was to document and maintain a person skating diary and progress chart with information, photos and videos, mostly for my personal records.  But when you are 52 and you tell your friends and family you have taken up figure skating, they get curious.

My own curiosity led me to a web site known as skatingforums2.  It has been a great place to share my triumphs and defeats, to get ideas and to read a plethora of opinions!!!  There I am known as "AdultSk8r509" if you haven't had enough of my blather here!

Practice today was virtually non productive.  I didn't get very much time on the ice and I didn't try very hard.  I was tired and cold and feeling like my knees were asking for a break.  I just ran through my test sequences once and did a little spin practice.  

I know these all have flaws and issues.  My objective is to keep spinning a little each day so the dizziness subsides!

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