Thursday, March 1, 2012

Attempted a Flip Jump Today

After a day of rest for my bleeding ankle I headed back to the rink today with a bandaid and an ace bandage to protect my ankle.  What a relief not to feel anything rubbing on the wound!

Practice today consisted of Pre Bronze Moves in the Field and Free Skate sequences.  I am trying to do these each time I get on the ice in order, so that when test day arrives, I won't hesitate.  I got through them, but I didn't feel very strong today.

Afterwards I went over the ones I felt weren't up to snuff.  My least confident move is the spiral sequence.  Once I get my leg up there I feel confident that I can hold it, but getting it up there smoothly and quickly makes me nervous!

Also today I felt the wrath of my big Phantom Toe pick and nearly tumbled head over heels, but I was able to save the fall.  The boot however got it's first good nick.

Not so lucky a few minutes later while doing a scratch spin.  I wound it up tight and got dizzy.  At least this time I didn't fall backwards and crack my head on the ice.  I just felt myself losing balance and sat down! I need to LOWER MY HIP.

Finally toward the end of the session I attempted some Split Jumps (mine look more like wishbones)

So I gave up on the Split Jump for today and decided to try a Flip Jump.  

I have 10 days of ice time left before my test with vacation in between.  Tomorrow I will go back to concentrating on my test moves!

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