Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spiral Practice

Tick tock.  Two days of practice left before vacation.  I hope I can keep the skating muscles moving in the gym on the cruise ship.

Did some spiral practice today.  I really need to work on these off ice to get them better.  My coach says I need to lock my skating leg.  I tend to skate on bended knee .... probably for balance and because I haven't stretched out enough prior to skating.

Played around a bit today trying to sequence a few steps together... some crossovers, a waltz jump, more steps, another jump, a spin.  Wow was I ever tired.  I am going to need a lot more stamina if I plan on putting even a short 1:50 program together.  I pooped out after 1:09 just throwing random steps and elements together.

New things today include a Spread Eagle, Ina Bauer and a (bad) Attitude Spin.

No more posts until after my Pre-Bronze Test 3/27/12!

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