Sunday, March 4, 2012

Half Looped

Friday our rink was crowded.  A school was out and the normally quiet morning public session was a bit more crowded than usual.  I had a pretty shaky week, but was happy about successfully landing a Flip Jump on Thursday.

This video clip below demonstrates a typical day for me.  I only recorded one attempt at each of these elements, but there were many other repetitions.
  • Sit Spin It won't pass as a Sit Spin unless I get much lower
  • Loop Jump Taking off and landing on my right leg scares me (bad knee)
  • Back Spin I was actually happy with this 1st attempt, need to stay on rocker
  • Camel Spin Happy I didn't fall.  Was reaching back to feel how high my leg was

I am now counting the number of ice days I have left before I go on vacation.  There are 7 days left unless I skate a crowded public weekend or evening session.  Then I test on March 27 with jet lag the day after I return from vacation.  I can just see the judges notes now, "Failed, but nice tan".

TGIF .........



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