Thursday, March 8, 2012

Head Banger

Today after I warmed up,  I went through my Moves in the Field for Adult Pre Bronze.

Here is what the form that the judge fills out will look like blank.  If I had taken the test today, the comments in the box to the right of Forward and Backward Crossovers would have read:  Skater out of control... tripped on her own blades, fell on her head.  RETRY

I don't know why that keeps happening to me.  Today I wore tight leggings, not flared yoga pants.  No excuses for toe picks catching on clothing.  I just heard the horrible sound of your own blades hitting each other.... and wham.

So after that I was wobbly and cautious.  Nothing new attempted today.  My Toe Loop is digressing.  I did feel stronger today (prior to my fall) after doing the off ice jumping.

Today after I skated I went to the gym and set up 15 appointments with a personal trainer to help me gain some muscle and strength in my legs and for general conditioning.
He better work.  He costs more than my skating coach.

 4 days left of on ice practice before my test.  Yikes.

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  1. Eek! Sorry you hit your head. I've hit my hip HARD on clicks, but never my head :( (Only done one head hitter, and I have no idea how I went down, was just suddenly down, backwards, while skating slowly forward.)

    Your blog posts sounds just like mine did right before my test. Now, granted, I didn't pass my test but I did skate really really well on it (the thing that didn't pass was my loop, and we knew my loop sucked...) so I think you are well on your way to skating great.


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