Friday, March 9, 2012

Hired a Personal Trainer

Well, not really.  I signed up for 15 sessions of personal training at my gym.  Today was my first actual session.  Yesterday I had my initial assessment.

After taking into consideration my current age, height, weight, BMI. my new personal trainer Jarod, set me up on the following program:


1. Cardio Warm Up (elliptical)
2. Corrective Upper Body Exercises:

  • Rotator Cuff (stretch bands)
  • T's (lay on back arms to side to the letter T) .... this is a problem for me from my surgery.  My range of motion on my upper body is very limited.
  • W-Y (lay on stomach and simulate swimming breast stroke) ouch
3. Corrective  Lower Body (legs)
  • Clam Shells (laying on side, legs stacked and in bent position, lifting knee-thigh into a clamshell position, then lifting knee-foot up to match) .. great burn
4. Foam Roller
  • Glutes (sitting on foam with one leg crossed over until you roll onto "tender" spot
  • IT Band (sitting on foam with elbow on the ground rolling on IT band on thigh)

5. Stretching

  • Yoga Child Pose for Lats
  • Calf Stretch (upper and lower)
  • Pec Stretch on back .... ?? this one escapes me already!
6. Cardio (Anything:  Elliptical, swimming, treadmill, 30-45 min HR 120 (target)

Sorry about today's post.  Very boring for the reader, but I needed to make a documented note about my workout or I will forget what it means!!!

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  1. Your trainer has you doing a lot of things my PT has me doing to keep my knees in shape for skating- clamshells and foam roller especially.

    I <3 my foam roller. I could not live without it.


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