Monday, February 13, 2012

Breaking In New Boots (and Blades)

Step 1.  Temporary Mounting of the Blades

I will skate for the rest of the week on this temporary mount.
No jumps. No spins.  No Problem! I wasn't planning on it anyway.

The reason for the temporary mounting is to be certain that the blades are properly aligned. Also, as the boot breaks in a little the mounting plates will also give a little so that they will sit flat on the sole and the heel of the boot before the permanent screws go it.  One would think accurate measuring ahead of time would ensure this, but each skater has tendencies and this could alter the alignment.  I will watch the screws closely, tighten if necessary and at the end of the week send them back for permanent mounting.

Everything I read says I should have the permanent screws put it with epoxy for strength and/or silicone for water resistance.  The person mounting my blades thinks neither of these is necessary, but he did insist on using better, stronger screws than those that MK sent with the blades.  I notice he put washers on as well.  I have a feeling if I find a skating forum on this subject there will be much difference of opinion.

Here they are mounted and sitting nice and cozy by the fire after their first test drive.
My laces are nylon vs cotton.  The jury is still out on whether or not I want to switch.  I am told wider cotton is easier on your fingers when lacing up.

They are officially now "used" as you can see I have my first crease in my tongue.

This is the best part.  My feet are going to be so much happier.  I was expecting a lot of pain today on my first outing.  I didn't lace up tight and I didn't lace up past the 2nd hook, so the only pain I had came from swimming around in the boot too much and making my ankle do all the work to keep me balanced.  I did go home with a swollen left ankle.
A small price to pay.  No crushed bunions, no blisters.  My apologies for the ugly feet.  I  purposely cropped out the toes as I desperately need a pedicure!

The only question now is what to do with my old skates.  Should they R.I.P.? Should I sell them to a beginning recreational skater?  The MK Professional blades still have wear on them, but the boots are really broken down for anyone wanting any real support.  Maybe I will just keep them for a friend who might want to skate with me sometime who also has large feet!  It has to beat a rental skate, right?

Reidell Royal size 7 1/2 + MK Professional Blades size 10 1/3


  1. I love your blog! I'm an adult-only skater who first got on the ice in her 40s. Your new skates look wonderful - congrats! Suggestion on your old skates - you might save them in case you're ever going to skate just for fun on an outdoor rink with poor quality ice. Good luck on your PreBronze tests!

    1. Thank you for the comment. Good suggestion on what to do with the old skates.



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