Tuesday, February 28, 2012

There Will Be Blood ...

Just yesterday a gal I skate with most days was asking me how my new skates were doing. She had noticed I had begun doing a few small jumps and attempting some spins lately and she wondered how my new boots were treating me.

I told her I really love my skates, but I am still not one-with-my-skates ... in other words they still feel like they are attachment to my feet.  Once a good pair of skates is properly broken in, you don't notice they are there unless they get too loose or you lace them incorrectly.  I further rambled on to tell her how amazing it was that I was so comfortable in them, that I had no blisters or pain of any kind, except that my left ankle was a little swollen from skating without enough support the first few days.  I had laced the boot so loose my ankle had to do all the work itself.

That was yesterday.  Today I laced up and immediately felt this sore, burning sensation on my left ankle.  I returned to the bench to re lace and/or move the tongue into proper position and this is what I found.

My beautiful new boots are blood stained!

I believe the edge of the tongue is rubbing my ankle.

I tried skating afterwards with a glove inside my boot.  It hurt and was getting worse so I decided to cut my practice short today.  Next stop - the pharmacy for some bandaids and wraps for my ankle.

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  1. I have scars from my Jackson Competitors. It wasn't even breaking them in- I forgot my silipos pads once and they did it after I had them for YEARS. I have Jackson Premiers now, and while I like the silipos as they are a bit more comfortable, I am very very happy that I can get away with wearing them without them. The inside material is more padded.

    Hope your boots don't cause too much trouble



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