Thursday, February 2, 2012

Last Practice of the Week

Practice today was on a quiet public session.  I worked on my Adult Bronze Moves In The Field. This is the description from USFSA.

1. Forward and backward perimeter power stroking
The skater will perform four alternating forward crossovers separated by strong forward inside edge transitions. The end pattern consists of two forward crossovers followed by a LFO open stroke; then a RFI open mohawk followed by one or two backward crossovers. All end pattern steps should be performed with an even cadence except the LFO open stroke, which should be held for two counts. The second side of the pattern resumes with four backward crossovers separated by two-foot transitions, also known as a power push. Skaters should take care to perform the transitions on two solid inside edges. The second end pattern consists of three to five backward crossovers. Introductory steps are optional.
Focus: Continuous flow and strength
2. Forward power three-turns
The skater will perform forward outside three-turns to a balance position followed by a backward crossover. Three to six sets of three-turns will be skated depending on the length of the ice surface. Skaters may begin this move with either right
or left foot three-turns. On the second length of the rink, the three-turns will be skated on the opposite foot. Introductory steps and backward crossovers around the end of the rink are optional. Focus: Continuous flow and strength

3. Alternating backward crossovers to backward outside edges I forgot to do these.
The skater will perform alternating backward crossovers to backward outside
edges in consecutive half circles for one length of the rink. Four or five lobes
should be skated. Introductory steps are optional. Focus: Continuous flow and strength

4 Forward circle eight
The skater will push from a standing start onto a forward outside edge and complete one forward outside figure eight. Upon returning to center at the completion of the second circle, the skater will perform a forward inside figure eight by pushing onto a forward inside edge, thereby repeating the previously skated circle. The circles should be equal in size with each circle approximately three times the skater’s height. The skater may mark the center. This move may start on either foot.Focus: Edge quality and continuous flow
5. Five-step mohawk sequence
The skater will perform alternating forward inside mohawks, skated in consecutive half circles. Each series consists of a five-step sequence. The skater will skate one length of the ice with four or five lobes. Introductory steps are optional.
Focus: Edge quality and extension 

As you will see in my first video I took a graceful fall on the second element.  I completely forgot to skate the 3rd element.

After that I decided to be brave and actually film myself attempting a few small freestyle elements:

  • Waltz 3's
  • Waltz Jumps
  • 2 foot spin
  • 1 foot scratch spin - leg bent at side - arms extended out (slow spin)
  • 1 foot scratch spin - leg brought in and crossed - arms drawn in (a little faster)
  • More back crossovers and another waltz jump
  • Sit spin attempt (or in my case it's a squat spin)
  • L and R back spirals (need lots of work)

And that's a wrap for this week.  Tomorrow we jump on a train to visit relatives in Chicago, but I am bringing my skates along.  There is supposed to be a big outdoor rink near the University of Chicago campus where I can walk and practice a little each day.
New skates will be here TOMORROW .... they will have to stay in the box for a week.

Happy Landings.... 

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