Monday, February 20, 2012

Mounting - Stage 2

I had a few more screws added to my mounting this weekend.  We are pretty sure they are set correctly for the permanent mount.  The two top holes are left empty until the plate conforms to the sole of the boot.  Not sure if you can see from the photo that they do not touch yet.

I had a lesson today at the end of the public session.  Since today was a holiday the kids were out of school. The rink was pretty crowded and the ice got chewed up pretty fast. There was even a lady skating out there PUSHING A STROLLER with a toddler in it.  Don't they have rules about things like that?  Another pair of young boys were playing fetch with a skate guard, tossing it down the ice to each other.  So I bobbed and weaved my way around the rink trying to get whatever practice and exercise I could amid the chaos.

The lesson plan today was to go over my Adult Bronze Free Skate elements and sequence them together.  Pre Bronze does not require a choreographed program or steps that artistically link the required elements together, but the elements are supposed to be done in this order:

TR 32.09 Adult Pre-Bronze Free Skate Test

Jumps:  Two different jumps, either one-half or one full revolution I am planning a Waltz Jump and a Salchow or a Toe Loop.

  1. A one-foot upright spin (minimum three revolutions in position)
  2. A two-foot upright spin (minimum three revolutions in position)
  1. Forward and backward crossovers (either direction) Really happy I can pick counter-clockwise forward crossovers and clockwise backward crossovers!  (The other directions need more work)
  2. Lunge or spiral I am planning a spiral vs a lunge (because I don't want to scrape my new boots on the ice yet!)
The biggest thing I learned today was that putting all these unremarkable elements together with not much time in between is much more tiring than I expected.  I really need to work on my stamina.  Hence forth I will practice them all in sequence.


  1. I'm enjoying your blog! I just joined skating forums too..I'm 38 yrs old, and new skater..Though as a child I was told to take lessons, but I was too shy....Never too late , right! I'm on my 3rd private lesson, and just got my new Jackson freestyles...I'm working on backward crossovers, two fit spin, lunge, and perfecting the simple stroke...which for some reason, my left leg doesn't extend the way it should...So practice, practice :) I'm named finally skating on the forums.

  2. Hi Jamie. Congrats on taking on this crazy sport (at any age). Each morning I am waking up lately makes me wonder if I have lost my mind. (Body aches!) Hopefully you are able to get some ice time at least 3x per week to make use of your lessons. Good luck and happy landings.

  3. Yes, I have my 1/2 hr lesson, then practice , and I also practice 2 other days a week...rink is so close to me, and no one is ever at the public skating session...Just a little difficult cause I'm a stay at home mom to a 3 1/2 yr old, and she only goes to preschool for 2 1/2 hrs ,2 days a week, bu so far it's working...


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