Friday, February 24, 2012

Skiing or Skating? I couldn't decide.

So I did both today.  The webcam looked good for skiing today and frankly, I thought I would burn more calories skiing than skating!  The snow was ok.  Some new snow fell a few days ago over churned up packed powder.  It was a bit icy in places.  After skiing about 5 runs I used up my freshly burned calories on a cold beer, then headed home.

Once I got home I felt bad about not skating today, so I headed to our downtown outdoor seasonal rink, Ice Palace at Riverfront Park.  I had to circle the city twice for a parking place, put a few bucks in the meter and paid $4.50 to skate on really bad ice with a moderate sized crowd.  I made the most of it and just worked on stroking, 3 turns, 5 step mow hawk sequence.  Things I could do without bumping into anyone.

Basically it was a waste of time and money.  The rink closes in 2 days for the season.

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