Thursday, February 23, 2012

Short Practice

Based on a suggestion from another skater I decided to try a run through of the Pre Bronze Free Skate Test after a very quick warm up.  It wasn't bad.  Of course 30 minutes later, after I was fully warmed up and stretched out, it was a much better result.

Today I worked on all the elements of both my Moves in the Field and Free Test.  I also worked on my spiral.  Specifically getting my leg up there faster.  I think I have a passing spiral, but I would like to confidently transition into one on either foot, any edge, frontward or backward and with more speed.  I know I will never have a "Sasha Cohen" spiral.

Photo by Diane Rudnick at Pandora Unforgettable Moments of Love On Ice

5. Forward right and left foot spirals
The skater will perform right foot and left foot spirals down the length of the rink maintaining a spiral position on each foot for approximately four seconds with extended leg held at the hip level or higher. The skater may be on flats and may start on either foot. Introductory steps are optional. Focus: Extension 

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