Monday, February 27, 2012

Monday Practice ...Ugh

Today is Monday, or what I like to affectionately call, "What the hell I am doing this for?" day.  I don't understand it.  I skated 4 days last week and I also skied 3 days last week.  I should feel pumped and raring to go, but instead I felt wobbly and weak - and cold.

My rink is really cold.  How cold?  I don't know, but my fingers will go numb if I don't keep skating and pumping blood into my fingers.  My medical chart actually says I have Raynaud's Disease, but I don't think I do.  Perfect disease for an ice skater!

I warmed up today with a few laps, then did my entire run through of the Pre Bronze Moves In The Field and then the Pre Bronze Free Skate.  I specifically wanted to try the jumps while I was less than warmed up to see the result.  Result:  I nearly fell.

I will have to wake up really early the morning of my test and be sure I am fully stretched and warm from off ice warm ups before I go out there.  I got a few suggestions from my skating friends on   Alas.. having a suggestion only works if you do it!

Raw video from the end of practice today just before my lesson.   Waltz Jump (of course)
Salchow and a few Spirals.

Lesson Today:

  • Complete run through of Pre Bronze Moves In The Field
  • Coach Berkley's comments "passing", need more control on back inside edges, need to remember to hold for 3 on the waltz 3 and no two foot transition, started spiral sequence late 
  • Complete run through of the Pre Bronze Free Skate
  • Coach Berkley's comments "passing", stamina getting better
Next week she wants to see what I plan to wear.  I have prematurely acquired a collection of dresses in my closet, but they all seem too formal or have too much "bling" for a Pre Bronze test.  On the other hand, who knows how long my AARP skating "career"  will last.  Maybe I should wear a little bling while I have the chance.  I think I will go with the lavender sleeveless dress and put a black sweater over it for the MIF with white gloves.


  1. You should wear the lavender dress - it's not too much bling! I wore a fuchsia sparkle velvet dress for my tests. Your videos looked great - you should pass with no problem.

  2. Thank you for the compliment. I think I will opt for that dress ... if I can squeeze into it!

  3. Diane , you skate so beautiful! I hope I get to where you are...As you know just started about 3 weeks so...Still perfecting the crossovers, etc...yesterday she taught me e waltz! Fun, but still can get it down yet..Very close, but I only had 1/2 to practice after she taught me...

    1. Thank you. Keep skating. Get comfortable doing waltz turns and holding your RBO edge and then your waltz jump will be stronger and stronger. I still put in practice on crossovers, especially to the right (clockwise).

      Happy Landings


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